Project Ideas from Teachers

If you have ideas for projects that work well with my books and would like to share them with other teachers, please email them to me. I would be happy to give you credit.

Project 1:

From Carol Young-Podmore's First Grade, Nottingham School, Nottingham, NH:

Our Would Could Should Shape Book

Project 2:
Colored owl Completed project

This project was authored by Diane Smith, who teaches kindergarten at Mayflower School in Plymouth, MA.

Owl parts together


quick, sharp-eyed
soaring, swooping, hunting
flying silently on fringed wings

Owl parts

Instructions: Print out the pattern for the owl. Enlarge the pattern pieces 200%, (about 14"x 9") on fairly heavy paper. Do one for each student in your class. Have them color the pieces and glue or staple the owl together. Use the three owls shown here as samples.

Have your students write a special poem called a "Cinquain" about their owl. A "Cinquain" has 1 noun, 2 adjectives, 3 verbs, 1 phrase, and 1 noun (You can use the same noun or a synonym for the second noun). Click here to print out this project.

(Acrobat PDF file. If you need to download the free Acrobat (PDF) player, visit

Project 3:

A summary of the engaged learning project that two second grade classes participated in prior to Suse's visit to Betsy Ross School in Prospect Heights, IL.

The students were challenged to help the school librarian prepare for a visit by children's book author, Suse MacDonald. Their goal was to advertise Suse's visit and educate the students at Ross about Suse and her books. The children brainstormed ideas, solved problems related to preliminary preparations for the author's visit, and worked on committees. Students read and discussed the literary works of Suse MacDonald. The children formed interest groups based on one of her books, researched information, and developed presentations. Projects included written reports, posters, slide shows, video taped plays, and sandwich boards. Students presented to other classes at Ross, to their parents, and to Suse MacDonald!

Inge Bennett and Paula Goldberg, Grade 2 - Ross School, Prospect Heights, IL

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