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More About Suse

Hi Kids,

Suse and her husband in the studioWelcome to my web site. Since you're here, I’d like to tell you a little about my life as an author and illustrator.

I live in Arvada Colorado which is near Denver. My studio is in my home. It's a big sunny room with a large counter in the middle. I share it with my husband who is an architect. You can see him sitting at his desk in one of these photos. There's a big window above my desk that looks across my front yard to the street where the neighborhood children play basketball and whip around on bikes.

My studio is not like a classroom. If you were to visit you would see a computer and a big monitor on the desk, which runs the entire length of one wall. There's also a big counter. In the middle of the room where I lay out colored paper, tracing paper, pencils and all the supplies I need each day. There’s a Xerox machine, and a light box with flat files for storing paper underneath. One wall has shelves with my books and supplies stored in plastic bins. Everything is labeled so I can find things easily. I also have a comfy couch where I sit and relax.

Every morning I get to my studio about nine o'clock and I work there all day. Creating a picture book involves a lot more than just drawing pictures. I have phone calls to make, letters to write, and supplies to order.

Sus at her deskTo begin a book I draw a sketch for each page and the cover. Then I choose the size and style of lettering. I design every aspect of the book very carefully. I like working with paper so many of my books are done in collage. I either use regular colored paper that I create using a special printer. Or I paint on tissue paper. After the paint is dry I cut out pieces of the paper, glue them onto illustration board, and create the final artwork.

If you have questions, contact me. I like lots of questions as they help me to know what is of interest to you.

Come back soon!

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