Seeing the Familiar
in New Ways

Program Description

This presentation includes an introduction to Suse's books, Alphabatics, Sea Shapes, Puzzlers, Look Whooo's Counting, and Nanta's Lion. The five titles are about transformations and connections: taking a well known object or abstraction and turning it into something apparently quite different. For students seeking the familiar in new ways fosters creativity and opens them up to making their own artistic discoveries.

Readers of these books initially identify letters, numbers, animals or shapes and soon discover new images and concepts. For example, in the toucan from Puzzlers shown above, the first thing children see is that it's a bird. Next they notice that the bird is made up of numbers. A closer look at the subsequent pages of the book reveals that each number or group of numbers embodies concepts such as widest, tallest, upside down or sequence which the readers must find. In this way, Suse's books continue to offer new discoveries as children develop their conceptual skills.

During this presentation Suse explores with teachers how these concepts and specific techniques can be introduced into the classroom. She discusses the ideas fundamental to each book and how these ideas can be developed into practical classroom activities. Included will be ideas on using art to stimulate writing projects, ways to create drawings out of letter and number shapes and other artistic techniques that can be passed along to students.

This workshop helps educators to expand and realize the creative potential of their students and have lots of fun while doing it.

Star from Sea Shapes

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